Logical thinking designer specialized in cross-platform with strong hands-on experience of UX/UI DESIGN, WEB DESIGN, GRAPHIC DESIGN, MULTI MEDIA, And FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT

Design is in charge of the aesthetic realm of marketing.

Among the five senses of the human, sight occupies the largest part of the input information, so the importance of design can be said to be very high.

Design is very closely related to marketing. Because that's why design exists. Since design is on the border between art and marketing, conflicts sometimes occur.

In addition, as the world develops, the designer's canvas is also gradually changing. For example, it has been a long time since multimedia has been a part of the design. So the designer's tools changed from pens and brushes to computing and coding.

I think it is the designer's experience to harmonize these things.

No doubt that the various experiences I have accumulated over the past 20 years as a front-line designer will be of great contribution to maximizing the effect of design in marketing.


  • Design converging from UI/UX of web & mobile to Graphic Design & Illustration

  • A large spectrum from Enterprise solutions such as CRM  dashboard UI to  eCommerce platform


  • UX research such as personas, user scenarios, journey maps and logs analysis 

  • UI architecture such as UI wireframes, workflows and IA using Figma, Axure and XD

  • Knowledge and experience of WCAG 2.1, ADA and 508 compliance

  • Professional UX evaluation experience (LG, Mobile Scientific UI Validation Team for 2 years)


  • Graphic design to visualize UI/UX concepts using Adobe tools

  • Illustration from logos to icons

  • Marketing Materials for Email and Social Media

  • Print design experience from cheater page to brochure


  • Video/Animation using After effects and Premiere for the YouTube

  • SVG Animation using After effects , JavaScript and XML for the Website   


  • Responsive design using JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3 - LESS/SASS and XML

  • jQuery, and Bootstrap libraries    

  • CMS such as WordPress and Drupal

  • eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, OpenCart and Shopify

  • Web graphics (gif / jpg / png / svg) plus CSS graphic sprites with XML and JSON

  • Cross-Browser Development such as CSS vendor prefixes     

  • SEO Friendly coding

  • Code versioning using Git (Git Bash and SourceTree), GitHub, SVN and JIRA in Agile environment

  • Pair programming with Angular JS, Node.JS and .NET developers in MEAN Stack


A user does not distinguish UI, graphics and technology.

They only feel the overall impression.

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